Seña y Verbo Mexican Theatre of the Deaf presents: MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES (Música para los ojos)

By Gallaudet University Theatre and Dance Program (other events)

Thursday, October 13 2022 7:00 PM 8:30 PM EST

Gallaudet University Theatre and Dance is truly proud to host a free performance by Seña y Verbo: Mexican Theatre of the Deaf's Music For the Eyes (Música para los ojos), followed by a post-performance talkback with the audience. 

WHEN: Thursday, October 13th - 7 pm
WHERE: Elstad Auditorium on Gallaudet campus

This performance is appropriate for all audiences of all ages.

Seña y Verbo: Mexican Theatre of the Deaf presents:

MUSIC FOR THE EYES (Música para los ojos) 
Written and directed by: Sergio Bátiz*

This engagement of Seña y Verbo: Teatro de Sordos is made possible through Performing Arts Global Exchange, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

Eduardo Domínguez (Deaf)
Socorro Casillas/Sofía Motte (Deaf)
Abraham Zúñiga (Deaf)
Sergio Bátiz* (hearing)

Company Artistic Director: Eduardo Domínguez
Executive Director, Producer, Interpreter: Antonio Zacruz
Production assistant and Stage Manager: Ytzel Torres E
International Affairs Manager: Mariol Arias

*Full-time teacher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

DESCRIPTION (provided by Seña y Verbo):

MUSIC FOR THE EYES (Música para los ojos) is the result of the union of two different worlds, the realm of silent images of the Deaf and the intangible universe of music, united by one common language: the Theater.

Captivating and moving for audiences of all ages, this play introduces us to a fascinating and fantastic interplay of sights and sounds. Without the use of voice, Seña y Verbo: Mexican Theatre of the Deaf explores the infinite possibilities provided by the body and the imagination.

SYNOPSIS (provided by Seña y Verbo):

In the manner of a small chamber ensemble, three Deaf actors and a Hearing director perform four short scenes inspired by musical pieces by some of the greatest composers that ever lived: Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Vivaldi. 

The actors, guided by the director, create a dialogue with the music, which transfer the essence of musical language into image and story.

Using a book of drawings in place of a musical score, the actors and director playfully explore the rhythm, punctuation, cadence, and spirit of music that can be seen as well as heard.


Costume design: Edyta Rzewuzka
Lighting design: Sergio López Vigueras
Props and atrezzo: El Taller de las Manos
Fabrication of lecterns: Macedonio Cervantes
Fabrication of screen: Valentín González
Costume making: Socorro Baltasar
Original Music and sound engineer: Gerardo Bátiz
Digital art: Studio C

Classical pieces: 
La Tempesta di mare by Antonio Vivaldi
“Little” fuge in G minor by Johann Sebastian Bach
2nd movement of the Sonata Pathétique by Ludwig van Beethoven 
“The Hebrides” Overture by Felix Mendelssohn.

COMPANY OVERVIEW (provided by Seña y Verbo):

Seña y Verbo: Teatro de Sordos (which is literally translated as “Sign and Word: Deaf Theater”) is a one-of-a-kind artistic and educative project in Latin America. 

Since its founding in 1993, Seña y Verbo has achieved international recognition for its high-quality theatre and for the impact it has had on Mexico’s Deaf community.

Seña y Verbo: Teatro de Sordos, a professional theater company comprised of Deaf and hearing actors, has presented plays for adults and children throughout the years. In these productions, Mexican Sign Language is combined with spoken Spanish, creating shows enjoyed equally by Deaf and hearing audiences.

In twenty-nine years of continuous work, Seña y Verbo has acquired an impressive curriculum, having produced twenty-two plays, touring Central America, Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Austria, Venezuela, China, Sweden, the United States and Canada, in addition to frequent tours all throughout Mexico and more than 3500 representations in Mexico City.

Professionals of theater, dance, literature, music, design, and photography have collaborated with the company several times. Some of these artists are: Perla Szuchmacher, Eugenio Toussaint, Luis Rábago, Enrique Singer, Boris Schoemann, Hernán del Riego, Jacobo Lieberman, Adrian Blue, Michael Lamitola, Clarissa Malheiros, Joana Brito, Sergio Villegas, Flavio González Mello, David Olguín, Víctor Weinstock, Carlos Corona, Haydeé Boetto, Edyta Rzewuska, La Manga Producciones, Tania Solomonoff and Taniel Morales.



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